If you are considered to have recovered, you can take part in the DecodeME questionnaire however you will not meet the study criteria required for the DNA stage. Therefore, we will not ask you to provide a saliva sample.

The questionnaire focuses on the symptoms you have experienced in the last 6 months. Therefore if you choose to complete the questionnaire and you have recovered, it is likely that your previous symptoms and your experience of ME/CFS won’t be captured.

Our study criteria are centered around the CCC* or IOM/NAM*. Following these criteria to the letter (as we will do) means that those who are fully recovered will not be asked to participate in the DNA stage of the study. This is an unfortunate but inevitable consequence of the need for us to fully comply with these criteria.


CCC* – Canadian Consensus Criteria

IOM/NAM* – 2015 Institute of Medicine criteria. The institute is now known as the National Academy of Medicine


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