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When does the study start?

DecodeME will launch a few weeks later than planned. (Initially we planned for Autumn 2021.) We do not yet have an exact date for the launch.

We will, of course, update you when we’re ready. You won’t miss it as we’ll email you (if you’ve registered your interest) and post on social media.

Why this change? We know how important this study is to you and everyone in the M.E./CFS community, so we need to make sure everything is 100% right before launching for the 27,000+ people already interested in taking part.

Data protection is one of the things we must get right. Professionals are further testing the study’s web portal and its security, which will take a little more time than expected.

Keeping your health information safe is essential, and we know it’s really important to you too from your messages and webinar questions.

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