We want to make participating as easy as possible. Solve has a strong reputation and are experts in doing exactly what we need, which is to provide a simple and robust process for people with ME/CFS to be part of DecodeME.  Solve ME has been collecting participant and diagnostic data from people in the US and Australia (and launching globally in early 2021) through a desktop portal and an app which can be easily accessed on your phone or  via a computer/iPad. It has been tried and tested, and meets our needs for collecting the data we need for the DecodeME study.

We are also excited by the wider research opportunities that Solve bring to the ME/CFS community and so, by working with Solve, we can offer more for participants beyond DecodeME.  Once you have completed our questionnaire, you will be able to see if you are eligible to participate in DecodeME, and will be provided with an option to be a part of the You + ME Registry where you will have the option to use a symptom tracking app. By consenting to join the Registry, your data can contribute to a large, global data set that can be used anonymously by researchers around the world.

The largest ever DNA study of ME/CFS

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