In June 2023 the criteria for the DNA stage of the study was updated, which then means we are inviting more participants to donate DNA than we were previously able to.


We developed a method which enables us to check that any genetic findings are due only to ME/CFS diagnosis, and not due to common co-occurring conditions. We achieve this by doing the genetic analysis both with and without people with each such condition. This is exciting because we can collect more DNA data to help us find ME/CFS’ genetic causes.


The study criteria is still based on two internationally-applied sets of criteria, the Canadian Consensus and IOM Criteria, both of which require post-exertional malaise. Furthermore, participants are still required to have an ME/CFS diagnosis to participate.


For more information you can read our Blog Post: Inviting More Participants to Donate DNA or you can read our FAQ: Why was I not asked to provide a DNA sample? - DecodeME

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