DecodeME April webinar transcript

We are sorry again for all those who could not join our April webinar because of the technical issues we were experiencing. We recorded the webinar in which DecodeME’s Chris Ponting, Andy Devereux-Cooke, and Sonya Chowdhury were joined by SolveME’s Sadie Whittaker to talk about participating in the study and a full transcript of the webinar has been made available.

We have produced the transcript in the hope that this format will be easier to consume for those who have visual or audio sensitivity that might be triggered by the video of the webinar. As some of the speakers used slides in their presentation, we have included these below as well.

You can access the transcript and slides, as well as watch the recording, at the following links:

We hope this is helpful for some of you. We have further updates from the project to share in the coming weeks so keep an eye out and remember to keep encouraging people to sign up to the study.