Statement on Launch Day

We want to let you know that DecodeME has launched and fully opened recruitment.


In light of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s death and this period of national mourning, we seriously considered how best to proceed with the planned launch of this study today.


We recognise how much this study means to people with ME/CFS and the patience of the community in waiting for its full launch. We understand that many of you will want the opportunity to take part as soon as possible. Therefore, we are continuing as planned by opening full recruitment today at 12pm. You can take part now on our website.


We know that this period may be an upsetting and challenging time for many. We encourage anyone who would like to take part in the study or help us spread the word to do so at their own pace and when they feel comfortable doing so. You can take part on our website when you are ready.


We will publicise the study more widely at a more appropriate time in the future.


We hope that taking this course of action and prioritising the hopes of people with ME/CFS will not be seen as insensitive or disrespectful to the Queen and that it is understood that we have made this decision with the best of intentions.


Best wishes,

The DecodeME Team